Adoption vs. Abortion: How they’re similar and yet couldn’t be more different


November is National Adoption Awareness month, a that is set aside to draw attention to the countless young boys and girls in foster systems who are in need of forever homes. I had the chance to write a guest blog for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center on this topic, specifically how adoption and abortion compare with one another for women and men who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

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Bridal Shower Decor on a Budget


No matter how you slice it, it can be easy for wedding costs to pile up up up — even for those in the bridal party who want to make it a special time. Earlier this month myself and my fellow bridesmaids threw a bridal shower for our friend, and it came together wonderfully!¬† Continue reading

Shot-Sized Gratitude


“I like how you got me a shot-sized cup. Thanks for that.”

I said the words with a smile, but I’m sure the snideness of my comment hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Well,” said my husband in his characteristic and sometimes annoyingly sweet innocence, “you asked for a kid’s meal, so that’s what I ordered and…that’s what came with it.”

“I know but…look at it.” I held up the tiny cup with the oversized straw hanging out, then immediately turned to my son and began tickling him and telling him what a perfect ball of cuteness he was.


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8 Ways to Teach Your Toddler About God

8 ways

I can’t believe I’m actually using the word “toddler” in a blogpost — when did that happen?? My little guy is hitting 18 months in a few weeks, and it has absolutely flown by. To be honest, I’m not sure at what point a child actually enters the “toddler era.” But I think for me, it was the other day when B looked me in the eye and said for the first time ever…


Aaaaand we’ve arrived.

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“Open When” Letters: A Thoughtful Gift for All Occasions


Gift giving can get stressful and downright annoying sometimes. Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely LOVE giving gifts. I think I get more excited than the ones on the receiving end most of the time. But sometimes, gosh darn it, you just get tired of buying more stuff that will be oohed and aahhed over for a few weeks and then ends up sitting on the counter or in the closet collecting dust.

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3 Common Myths About Pregnancy Resource Centers


I am such a horrible blogger. I mean seriously, it’s been over a month since I’ve even looked – nay, even thought about this thing. I’d like to think I have an okay-ish excuse though. Over the summer I’ve gone back to work part time at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center and, needless to say, it’s kept me pretty busy. And when you factor in the fact that little B has gotten so darn fast and energetic and opinionated¬†lately, well…let’s just say I’ve not been sitting much.

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