When God Says No

woman in depression and despair crying on black dark

Have you ever prayed something so intensely, wanted something so badly, that it took over, that it completely consumed you?

And God said no.

It was a resounding no. A painfully firm and final no.

A seemingly senseless, purposeless, and graceless no.

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Baby Girl Nursery (On a Budget!)


I’m 39 weeks pregnant and SO READY to meet our daughter! When we found out we were having a little girl, I was shocked, to say the least—and so was the rest of our family given the running streak of 5 grandsons and 0 granddaughters! I’m still not really sure what we’re going to do with a girl and all the stinkin’ cute dresses and ribbons and bows we now have, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. 🙂

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A Choice That Changed the World


A baby was most definitely not in her plans. Not like this, anyway.

What about her future? She was just a teenager. Still a girl. How would she explain this to her family? Would they understand? Would they believe her?

How would she explain this to him? She couldn’t hide it forever. And he would know the baby wasn’t his. Would he believe that she hadn’t done what all evidence said she had done?

This baby was going to change everything.

An Unplanned Pregnancy Changes Everything

Although we can’t know for sure, this young girl probably asked the same panic-filled questions that many women ask when learning they are unexpectedly pregnant. There was one thing that set this teenager apart, however.

She’d never been with a man. Not once.

You guessed it. We’re talking about Mary, the virgin who supernaturally conceived and gave birth to a son named Jesus. And not only did this child change everything about Mary’s life, he also changed the world…

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Merry Christmas!

Adoption vs. Abortion: How they’re similar and yet couldn’t be more different


November is National Adoption Awareness month, a that is set aside to draw attention to the countless young boys and girls in foster systems who are in need of forever homes. I had the chance to write a guest blog for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center on this topic, specifically how adoption and abortion compare with one another for women and men who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

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Shot-Sized Gratitude


“I like how you got me a shot-sized cup. Thanks for that.”

I said the words with a smile, but I’m sure the snideness of my comment hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Well,” said my husband in his characteristic and sometimes annoyingly sweet innocence, “you asked for a kid’s meal, so that’s what I ordered and…that’s what came with it.”

“I know but…look at it.” I held up the tiny cup with the oversized straw hanging out, then immediately turned to my son and began tickling him and telling him what a perfect ball of cuteness he was.


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