Embracing the Normal



A few weekends ago my son got a stomach bug. You know, the throwing-up-all-over-mom-and-dad-and-lying-face-down-on-the-floor-crying kind of bug. Our sweet boy who normally moves constantly (as indicated by the above picture of him face planting), babbles incessantly, and giggles uncontrollably became quiet, tired, and uncharacteristically snuggly. My heart broke when he would crawl up to me and lay his head down on my shoulder – not sleeping, just looking up at me, wondering why he didn’t feel good.

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3 Reasons you might be silent about abortion (and yet not really silent at all)


Abortion isn’t usually anyone’s first choice of topics to talk about. This issue evokes so many feelings within us that we will often do whatever it takes to avoid experiencing these feelings.

And one of the easiest ways to avoid this topic is through silence.

In light of Sanctity of Human Life Day (which is January 17th), I’ve spent the last few weeks doing a lot of reflecting on both the issue of abortion and the silence that so often accompanies it. I’ve noticed three primary reasons why we may be silent:

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On the Days That Don’t Matter (Humility in the Tub)


Gross, I thought to myself, my nose wrinkling with every swipe of the damp rag in my hand. I readjusted my knees on the small bathmat, gripped the side of the tub, and began scrubbing again. Yeah, it’s been way too long, I acknowledged to no one in particular. A scowl etched itself further into my face as I scrub scrub scrubbed at the yuck I had too long ignored at the bottom of our bathroom tub.

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If Adults Acted Like Babies – Part 1

Babies are weird. They do the most socially awkward things but get away with it just because they’re babies. What’s that about?  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they’re super cute while being awkward. Then there’s that whole “they don’t know any better” thing.

Whatever the case, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if adults did the things that babies do. I’m thinking they probably wouldn’t get away with gnawing on random objects, regurgitating food, or staring blankly at you and making you feel as if they have analyzed your soul and are disappointed with what they’ve found.

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4 Ways to Respect Your Husband (And Strengthen Your Marriage)


When Matt and I first got engaged, I started asking questions to married couples that I knew in an attempt to understand the deep, dark secrets of marriage. People told me all kinds of things, and I tucked the advice away but didn’t think I’d ever really need some of it. I mean, Matt and I were madly in love and wouldn’t need to worry about speaking kindly or serving one another or putting the other’s needs before our own — it would all just come naturally, right? Continue reading